Mirandola solid wood bed

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  • Mirandola Mirror in 51 # 37 quality wood

Diagona solid wood bed

Brands Mirandola brand of high quality 26-agrave; handcrafted entirely in solid brushed fir wood and stained anti-stain. This model Diagona è model; unique for its design and its robustness. In fact, being in solid wood and having in its interior the solid wood shelves can be used; Quietly load any weight without any problems (other similar crates all have very delicate crystal shelves that bear little weight). Length measures cm.238, depthà cm.48, height cm.81. This cradle can be pushed 26-ograve; place both in the living room as a TV stand, in a studio, and in the kitchen as a sideboard. Goods ready to ship and visible at our store in Longare province of Vicenza. Possibilityà shipping throughout Italy and abroad with trusted freight forwarder. For more information, contact 346/1024444 (Irene) or send an email.

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