Aster's Palladian Sideboard Matte lacquered kitchens discounted

€ 3800,00

€ 1350,00

Discount -64%

  • Aster Wood Sideboard Discounted Kitchens of 64 # 37
  • Aster Wood Sideboard Discounted Kitchens of 64 # 37

Wood chest of drawers Aster Kitchens

Wood Aster Aster Kitchens High quality 26-agave palladium; lacquered matte red with English style  discount of 64 # 37. Measurements of this wooden box are: length cm.160, depthà cm.55 height cm.197. Notice the details of the inserts on the doors and windows that embellish this bowl with drawers and doors with internal wooden shelves that allow you to load a considerable weight (eg plates, pots, etc.) - 26-nbsp; The è finish; lacquered dark red matte as pictured. Unique display piece.This Palladio Aster Kitchens cupboard can può adapt to both a classical environment and a modern environment.  For information or inquiries contact 346/1024444 (Irene) or send an email. Possibilityà shipping throughout Italy and abroad with trusted freight forwarder. Goods ready to ship and in perfect condition. I emphasize high quality 26-agrave merchandise.

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