Linear Zecchinon Kitchens Kitchen

€ 8200,00

€ 2900,00

Discount -65%

glossy polymer kitchen

Linear kitchen quality& # 39; model Karen / Venus brand Zecchinon Kitchens in glossy white polymer and aquamarine polished complete with appliances Ariston Hotpoint (which are not those of the photo) and specifically: refrigerator 300 liters class A, hob five stainless steel burners, multi-function oven in stainless steel , dishwasher 12 covered, hood recessed in the roof by 120 cm stainless steel sink entire bathtub cm.60 designer resin. Plan in gray stone 4 cm thick laminate. china cabinet. The kitchen& # 39; Full also led lighting under the wall units. You can& # 39; also have no appliances to € 3,050.00 including VAT. The kitchen can& # 39; modify as needed and also make additions for example to make a corner, adding a pantry column etc. Possibility& # 39; Shipping throughout Italy and abroad.

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