Linear Astra Kitchens Kitchen

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Kitchen laminate material

modern line kitchen brand Kitchens Astra model SP22 of exhibitions Exhibitions granted. The doors are in laminate material and opaque white. Thickness of doors 22 mm. Doors, drawers and baskets are all amortized with frenante.  system; This kitchen& # 39; complete with appliances Rex Elettrolux and specifically: refrigerator 300 liters class A, dishwasher 12 covered class A AA, ventilated Class A oven, microwave oven built-in with grill, hob five burners, sink a tub with drainer stainless steel hood wall cm.90 stainless steel. This kitchen can& # 39; change as needed with free design and without obligation. This kitchen& # 39; visible at our shop in Longare provicnia of Vicenza. Possibility& # 39; Shipping throughout Italy and abroad.

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