Modern bathroom cabinet Artba discounted.

€ 1850,00

€ 900,00

Discount -51%

  • Discounted laminated bathroom cabinet of 51 # 37

Material laminate bathroom cabinet

Contemporary bathroom cabinet Discounted 51 # 37 measure artwork depth cm.120 long depthà 50 cm. E& # 39; Made of a basket of 26 cm depth deepà Cm.50 in very good concrete cement foil laminate. The è plan; Always in laminated concrete spruce color with a ceramic sink d& # 39; oval support. Included in the price as a mirror photo with Led spotlight and wall-to-ceiling height cm.74 profondità 20cm. Single piece. Goods ready to ship and visible at our warehouse in Longare province of Vicenza. Possibilityà Shipping all over Italy and abroad with freight forwarder  Trusted furniture. For more information contact mobile phone 346/1024444 (Irene) or furniture. For information, contact us at mobile 346/1024444 (Irene)

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