Aluminum table in Pointbreak Infiniti

  • Extendable table Metal & Glass

Extendable table Metal & Glass

It combines practicality and style this proposal among the tables in a modern style and provides all the quality of the Infiniti brand. Among the tables in modern style this example Infiniti is characterized by individual design, high quality materials and durable. Combining Tables and Chairs of the Infiniti brand can customize environments with style and creativity. First class materials and clean lines characterize this example of metal tables. The Infiniti in metal tables allow you to embellish tastefully your home. In the living room Tables and chairs equip the dining area and should be selected so that they are beautiful and functional. Come and visit our showroom and find the tables that we resell, we are a reference point for the furniture of the Infiniti brand. Discover in our showroom all the proposed tables and chairs which makes available the Infiniti signature.

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