Tables and Chairs

The chairs, the tables to match, they must first of all be comfortable and functional as well as pleasing to the eye. As regards the materials, there is only the embarrassment of choice: wood, glass, metal, stone, lacquered are some of the possible solutions. In today's homes the whole kitchen environment with the stay and so there 'more marked separation of tables and chairs for the two environments. In terms of size, the convenience depends on the width, which varies from 45 to 55 cm; from the depths, between 46 and 60 cm; from the backrest, which can vary from 45 to 60 cm, in order to get up comfortably, or be of 75-90 cm, in order to ensure a proper support for the back. In the dining area, as given or obtained in the living room, the choice of tables and chairs bound to free space: as a general indication considered that the footprint of a place for those sitting in 45-60 cm; They are leaving 75-90 cm between the table and the wall behind possible to freely move the chairs; the transition zone around the table must be of 90-100 cm, or up to 120 cm if a short distance positioned a door. The choice of tables and chairs also depends on the overall style of the room and its d├ęcor, which must be coordinated. In a fairly small interior, it must be placed a proportionate size table; If you enjoy having guests for meals Thou hath surely the possibility to always resort to a non-fixed table model. The forms designed by the best names allow you to choose between round tables, rectangular tables, square or oval.