For the living diffused lighting should also be joined by the direct light, thinking about a floor for example, to illuminate the area of u200bu200bupholstered furniture; spotlights and wall lights will be useful to emphasize a painting. When we select the light sources in our house, are to be considered: the size and shape of the rooms, occupations that will conduct there, the hours when the lights are still on in the day, colors and style of furniture and walls. In the sleeping area diffused lighting of a ceiling, or a chandelier or applique, we will match for the bedside lamps. A room in which the design of very important lights the kitchen, where necessary to place a pendant lamp for diffused light over the table, a light inserted into the suction hood and then spotlights recessed LED under furniture and shelves. The lighting serves to emphasize an object or a space and to create a special atmosphere. Today the lighting industry offers products able to respond to each request; the most current technologies and enable a low power consumption, for a comfortable lifestyle and healthy. In our home a role very importanteriveste the lighting that follows us in all the gestures that we perform every day: therefore necessary to carefully decide what equipment we will buy and how we will have them.